My essential for traveling with bébé

We always loved traveling and it is not because baby arrived that we had to stop! The only difference is that you have to think about a lot of things but at the same time, we  don’t want to fill the car unnecessarily especially if we leave only for a weekend!

1 – The Lässig bag.  It was a favorite. When I was pregnant, I surfed the net a lot looking for LE diaper bag. I was looking for a bag that is both practical and beautiful (not always the case with diaper bags). With this bag, I found my happiness. Plenty of pockets inside, it is ideal for a weekend or to put baby stuffs with you when you fly. There’s even a pocket for the things of Mummy. The only downside maybe : the price…!!

2 – The Manduca baby carrier. Awesome. I love it and Mister G. too. It is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can put baby on your stomach or in your back when he is a little bigger. It can be used from birth and most importantly, it does not leave the baby legs dangling in the air! (like other baby carriers). Imagine yourself being in a sling, I think you would go for that one!

3 – The Baby Björn bed. It does not weigh much and is very simple to install. Inside, the mattress is quite comfortable. Again, a little more expensive than others but it’s worth it and it can be used up to the age of 3.

4 – The  Tot Seat travel seat. My brother and my sister-in-law showed me this little nomad seat. It adapts to all kinds of chairs. Handy when you do not have a high chair ready to use and it prevents us from having babies on our knees. She is with us at the table as a big girl and moreover, this seat folds into a small pouch that fits in our bag!

5 – The bottle warmer. We, we bought the bottle warmer Baby comfort. We bought on a whim because we needed it urgently. It may not be the ideal bottle warmer. He takes a lot of time to heat especially in the car. And as it is heated with steam,  the bottle or jar is mega hot outside but the inside not very … it is still practical in the hotel rooms to heat up the milk in the morning or heat a small jar when you’re in the middle of nowhere in the car!

6 -The  stroller! After spending hours searching LE stroller on the net to find one that is the most practical, the most beautiful, most manageable, the most interesting level of quality / price, we buy it and then you realize that for travel, this stroller is way too big! So,  I looked for a lightweight stroller, and one where bébé could fall asleep during long walks. And I think I found one  with  an unknown brand but of very good quality for an affordable price (3 times cheaper than the MacLaren quest, which seems to be the must in terms of stroller!)


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