Which webhost for my new blog?

After writing a few adventures on a travel blog (that I had not updated for a long time – lack of travel), I’m starting a new challenge: to write a blog about my everyday life with the Bambolotta and Mister G. I want to write a little about everything and tell what happens in our new home in Marseille. I love taking pictures and I hope you enjoy my shots. I’m not a pro but I start! Once i decided to make this blog, it was necessary to find a web host because I’m not really a geek!

– First, I was interested in Overblog since my old blog was on this platform. I tried but once you create a new blog at the moment, it is automatically launched in the Beta world, which is incomprehensible to me neophyte in the field of CSS or HTML … I could not find the way to change my blog the way i wanted. And the fact that it directly manages the advertising if you want it to appear on the blog bothers me a bit because I really doubt we have our say in their choice.

– I then moved to WordPress. “Damned” The name I wanted to give my blog has already been taken. I surf the net quickly and the person who created it didn’t even take the time to write an article.

– Convinced that that name was for me, I tried Typepad offering  a free trial of 15 days. Typepad is very nice but it’s just not free … and I do not want to pay $ 15 per month for my blog. I canceled everything I’ve done (not much anyway…)

– And then I went back to WordPress and I decided to change the name to Amore Mio Bello, a small tribute to my beloved Italian who often calls me like that and I think it’s adorable. And WordPress is pretty nice. The blog may change appearance many times before I found what I really like. (And similarly with Typepad, for the moment, I do not want to put in the blog money then, I just stick to themes very simple and not very funky!)
I forgot to add that I also chose WordPress for the possibility of advertising on this blog. You never know! it may perhaps bring some money. Before that, I need to feed  this blog and I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome on my blog


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