First class of baby swimming.

Last Saturday was the first class of baby swimming for bambolotta. She wanted to jump in the water as soon as she saw it. But we had to wait a little for the other class of even younger babies to finish. I wanted to start when she was younger but the class was full. It is difficult to have a place if you don’t book in advance! This year, I didn’t want to let this chance go. I like this pool as it is right by the sea and the pool is heated sea water. 40 minutes of swimming, playing with balls in the water, jumping in the water (with the head also in the water!), etc…she was exhausted and as soon as we got back home she fell asleep without any problem!

I bought a hat on Amazon thinking it would be ideal as it covers the ears. Bad idea : first thing the teacher told me is that they have to feel the water going in the ears…i need to get another one! And the disposable diaper i used for this class is not enough. If there is an accident, everything would go out…meaning they would have to empty the pool! Next class, i need to get a washable swim diaper!


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