Vintage style photo effect online

Photoshop, you don’t what it is? too complicated to use or maybe also because it is super expensive! I kept wondering how some bloggers make such nice photo effects. And some abuse of it by the way! I know how to use a little bit Photoshop elements but it certainly takes me ages to get to a nice result. Everyone knows Instagram but it’s only a phone app.  Check out the website Rollip. It is super easy to use : you download your pic, you choose the effect you want (you can also choose to add a border and text) and your photo is ready!

Last week-end, as my parents came back from Greece and flew directly to Marseille, I had to drive them back to their home. I took the occasion to check out the attic which is full of old stuffs. I found my old dolls and old tiny clothes, and lots of lovely books! After a nice clean, i gave the dolls to Bambolotta who instantly loved them! They certainly don’t look as good as new but it’s fun to know my little girl is playing with my own toys!


8 thoughts on “Vintage style photo effect online


    So so so beautiful that she is using your old toys. Would be nice if you had an old picture with them… I use photoshop and lightroom, but to be honest I am a bit tired of seeing instagram or instagram style pics all around…

  2. Ljubi says:

    Had exactly the same Sarah Kay and Martine books, funny. I like the effect on the pix with the dolls and Flavia & the dolls, it’s a balanced vintage. Nice.

  3. Sixtine and The Little Things says:

    J’aime beaucoup cette serie de photo. Il ne me reste rien de mon enfance (rien de tragique mais on a rien garde.) J’espere faire un meilleur job que ma mere dans ce domaine et mettre de cote les petits tresors de Sixtine pour quand elle sera plus grande ou maman elle-meme.

    • amoremiobello says:

      Et en plus, elle adore ses nouvelles poupées! Elle joue avec comme avec aucun autre jouet! limite fatiguant pour moi car enlever les vêtements, remettre les vêtements, enlever de nouveau, etc…elle est trop petite pour le faire elle-même et ma patience a des limites 😉

    • Sixtine and The Little Things says:

      Ma fille n’a pas encore de poupee. J’attendais son premier anniversaire pour lui en offrir une! Donc bientot – on verra comme elle y reagit! Je crois que celle que je voulais lui prendre ne porte qu’une culotte donc moins de boulot pour moi! 😉

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