12 months : she walks!

Wednesday morning is the day of the organic market in Marseille, at Cours Julien. I love the atmosphere of this little market and of the neighbourhood. There is still a feeling of summer with the lovely temperature of 25°C…but the stalls are full of fall products, like this giant pumpkin! I bought my first fresh walnuts of the year.

Flavia now walks. Already 2 weeks she launched herself without any help. She is still not very stable. It is so funny to hold her hand in the street and walk besides her!!



4 thoughts on “12 months : she walks!

  1. Sixtine and The Little Things says:

    25 degres! Quelle chance. Ici, il commence a faire tres froid. On s’est reveille il y a quelques jours avec du 4 degres. Je ne m’en suis pas remise.
    Je ne connais pas Marseille mais je suis inspiree par tes jolies photos.
    Felicitations a Flavia!

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