Flower crown DIY

I wanted Flavia to wear something special for the wedding of my little cousin. I had lots of different dresses to choose from a selection her Nonna Anna (Flavia’s granny) gave Flavia. Nevertheless, i wanted to add a little something and i thought a flower crown would be great.

I am not really a crafty person (although i would love to!) but this time, i decided i would do it by myself. And actually, it is super easy and doesn’t take long at all. The hardest is to find the right flowers. I ran through different shops to finally find one close to my parents’s home ideal for diy-addicts. Once you have the flowers, check out the size of the head of your little one to make sure it will fit and use the floral wire as the base. Then, one by one, add all the little flowers on the base.

For the time it took me and the small cost, I find the result really nice. And people found Flavia adorable with a little crown. I have to admit I was quite proud of myself!

But, of course, knowing our little bambolotta, at the first occasion, she was taking it off!! The photo below is her making a bit too much noise during the ceremony…


3 thoughts on “Flower crown DIY

  1. Valerie says:

    She is ADORABLE!! What a great idea for headwear! My son would’ve taken whatever I put on *his* head too. He is 13 months old. 😉

  2. Ljubi says:

    Super idea, indeed! She’s lovely, and you can be happy that the crown stayed a bit on her head…with Thaïs, no chance, forget anything that touches her hair apart from a woolen hat when it’s (really) freezing!

    • amoremiobello says:

      ahah! i read your post about the hairclip falling under the heater grid! very funny!
      i also wonder how some babies can keep hairbands in their hair all day…mystère!

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