In one year.

Last month, my computer crashed and i lost all the pictures i didn’t have time to save during the last months…i was so mad at myself. I am realizing that this blog is a nice way to keep track of the pictures i really love. The photo below is Flavia (she was 15 days or so) with her grand-dad. I so love this picture, i was lucky to have saved it on my flickr account. When i saw it today, i was thinking how much Flavia changed in a year. it is simply amazing to see how much they can change at that age.

Now she walks…enjoying being at the park with other kiddos.

She plays with everything she finds in the house…especially when it is not her toys!

She loves playing with her dolls pretending to give them food…

We hung a bird plush from the stairs and she is getting curious…..


5 thoughts on “In one year.

  1. Valerie says:

    That pic of her as a newborn is so, so precious!! What a great shot! 🙂 And I LOVE her curls now! Samuel has a few, but not nearly as long as hers! He prefers things that are not toys too…especially our recycleables in the kitchen.

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