Sunday town hunting trip

We are looking for a house…to buy. But we are still not sure where to buy! yes, and it becomes really difficult to make a search if you don’t even know exactly where to look for. Houses, there are a lot around here in Provence (generally too expensive also…). Finding a house (not too small with a small garden) in a nice area of Marseille is almost mission impossible if you don’t own at least half a million euros…unfortunately, we don’t have that in our bank account (i still expect to win euromillions -the european lottery- some day!).  So, we decided to look a bit around. Near the coast is also quite a challenge. Last option is to look a bit more “inland” but still close to the sea. We drove direction La cadière d’Azur, which was our first stop (first pic i took just below – just loved this strange looking doors of that house), then we continued to Le Beausset to finally arriving to Le Castellet. This last village is definitely not a place where i would like to live as there are way tooooooo many tourists but it is really a lovely place. I didn’t even know about this medieval village. For me, Le Castellet was only synonymous of famous car tracks – not so glamourous (at least to me!). And yet, it is charming with medieval houses, cobbled streets and so adorable shops and art galleries. We stopped in a bistro for a drink in the late afternoon. Lovely sunday yet rainy…


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