5 tips for a girly week-end in Roma

Basta the hotels with no character, we choose the real Roman life in a cute little apartment in the Trastevere neighborhood, not too expensive when you divide by 3. Highly recommended www.spondasinistra.com

1. How to resist to the temptation of the famous Italian ice-cream? It is simply not possible … just resist to the temptation to order the “speciale” especially on the Piazza di Spagna, you will pay 15 euros instead of 3…

2. This is Roma, it’s holidays, we think high heels or flip-flops because there is still a summer feeling in the air…..well, better put big good hiking shoes because, let’s face it, we walk a lot in Roma and if you have bad shoes, your knee will hurt for the rest of the weekend. Thank you little cream from the Italian pharmacist!

3. Don’t let yourself be bossed around  by the grumpy and macho old taxi drivers. In fact, it is better to choose a young one! it is possible to choose?

4. Get tempted by the terraces of restaurants (and yes, it’s still super beautiful in the month of October in Roma) and eat like kings. My favorite meal was a delicious risotto capesante in the small streets behind Piazza Navona.

5. Let’s visit according to your desires the streets of Roma with its beautiful places and of course, the Trevi Fountain. And you can also have fun in a park like kiddos … (no, of course we are not 30 years old + …)

And when we get bored, we can still count the number of Smart cars in the streets … I think we would still be there if we had begun!

It is so much fun a week-end with girlfriends. It doesn’t happen often enough. This one happened already 3 years ago….seriously?? too long ago! When is the next one?


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