Guest post by Monika – Tooodayi

Please welcome Monika from downunder for my first guest post on this blog. I love the idea of sharing posts for a real culture swap. Check out her blog with beautiful photos of her simple life in Sydney.

  Hello my name is Monika, I blog over at Tooodayi. 

  Thank you Julie for letting me write my words on your lovely blog and thank to all the 
  wonderful readers of Amore Mio Bello. I hope you enjoy my post. 


  This morning I sat with this swimming pool stretched out in front of me.

The rippling water was like a welcoming wave tempting me to jump in, the sun who was
playing a game of hide and seek behind the clouds was keeping me seated on the checkered
deck chair.

We don’t own a pool, so a visit to a friend who does is always a pleasure. As I watched my children splash happily, I thought about pools and how common they are in backyards in Australia. Surprisingly though my friend mentioned that they don’t swim in this pool often.

Soon the children noticed the sun was hiding for too long and rushed out of the pool to be dried.

Is having a swimming pool common in your part of the world?
Will you be enjoying a swim today or will you be saying no thank you its too cold?


One thought on “Guest post by Monika – Tooodayi

  1. amoremiobello says:

    in france, swimming pools are common in the south (where i live) and when you have space and a garden! (we don’t!). it is sunnier in the south than in the north. But even if i had a swimming pool, today, i woudn’t go for a swim…indian summer seems to be finished and weather is turning grey and colder! thanks for your post monika!

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