My jewelry storage armoire.

Talking about jewelry yesterday, i thought i’d share my sublime jewelry storage armoire. After having recycled a small iron cd rack and a coffee cups holder in my previous lifes, i decided it was time to invest in something timeless! a few months ago, i found a super deal on groupon for this lovely jewelry storage armoire (for once, i couldn’t resist!). This is so practical! No more jewels all over the place. The only problem is little bambolotta who LOVES opening the door of that armoire to touch everything inside…arghhhh! a pity i broke the lock the first day i received it! i simply adore my new boîte à bijoux! you can find it in this online shop called on pinterest, i found also this cute closet…

And others you can Do It Yourself (quite nice to display in the bedroom).

What do you use to organize your jewels? I’d love to know, please share!


10 thoughts on “My jewelry storage armoire.

  1. Ljubi says:

    I put everything in old porcelain or iron boxes. And I have an Ikea jewelry column with drawers and a mirror inside, maybe not the prettiest but very handy 😉

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