DIY rope vase with recycled bottles

How to create a vase out of ugly looking wine bottles? easy, just use a bit of rope, some double-sided tape and you have a new vase. I think this is the easiest DIY you can find and it’s a lovely decoration! you can have some fun by using either champagne bottles, bordeaux wine bottles, bourgogne wine bottles (so many different shapes! but don’t drink up your wine cellar just for that purpose ;-)). You can also use whatever glass bottle you find. i know this diy is not new but we always forget nice & easy things to make. Do this one!! (don’t look at the strange clock…weird Italian design! ;-))

And here is my selection on Pinterest using either rope, wool or felted wool…(such an easy source of inspiration this Pinterest!). My parents being sailors, i really have to try with nautical rope!


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