DIY clothespins magnets.

I recently found a lot of wooden clothespins in a box. i have no use of it for clothes because they are too fragile. They would break too easily with the wind we have over here. So, what else can we do with clothespins? (apart from another activity with baby…i don’t know why they love so much to put things in and out of a box!)  I decided to turn them into magnets for my fridge…

Yesterday was crafty evening in front of the TV. I tried to gather all things i have at home to make something nice : old nail varnish, washi tape, flowers, feather…and also, the essential to make magnets : magnetic tape… after an episode of an american serie whasoever its name, i managed to do these lovely magnets!

My fridge is way cuter with them! A pity i didn’t have more choice of washi tape at home!


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