4 simple goals for November

It’s the beginning on November, a new month is starting and i decided to set up 4 simple goals. The idea is from one of my favorites blogs of the moment A Beautiful Mess, a blog very fresh and inspiring with lots of new ideas everyday about everything. The goals have to be simple and on a short time period. (for example, try to become a millionaire during the month of November might be a tiny bit dificult!). I also love the idea to give yourself a reward when the goal is accomplished!

1. i thought about this post lately because i seriously wanted to practice sport again and i neeeeed it! i used to go the gym more than 3 times a week before my pregnancy and since then, not so much…last Christmas, we received the wii and the wii fit board to exercise but we haven’t used it much the last months…my first goal for this month is to do at least 3 times a week some sport to feel better! (let’s zumba!!)

2. get more organized in the kitchen and plan meals ahead so i don’t have to go shopping so many times a week. It will save me time to do something else and it will also save us money. I don’t think my current organization is very optimal…

3. this year will be the second Christmas with bambolotta at home but the first where she can actually realize what’s going on. i want to make something special and fun and make my own Christmas decoration. (that’s why i put it in November goals as it will take me time!!! first time ever that i pay attention to christmas deco)

4. clean out my clothes closet…i am starting to hate some of my clothes and i really need to make some order in there so i can actually see what i need!
And the rewards if i manage to fill my goals will be to renew my closet!!

Let’s get started!!


7 thoughts on “4 simple goals for November

  1. barbara says:

    Hey! I’m a blogger mom too and i just found your blog… seems that we have lot in common! and with this post you just remind me that it’s time to think about my goals too!!!

  2. Alma says:

    I am so with you on making my own Christmas decorations this year… am planing on making my own wreath for the front door !
    Great goals!

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