rainy weekend in marseille

It doesn’t rain much in the south but when it rains, you just can’t get out of the house. That’s what happened this saturday…i managed to go to the baby swimming class in the early morning and then, rain, rain and more rain…we were stuck inside the house. Perfect weather to reach some of my November goals ;-)and i found some incredible websites for diy stuffs that i will share later.

Today, some rays of light, so we went out for a refreshing walk.


5 thoughts on “rainy weekend in marseille

  1. Ljubi says:

    Funny…when I write an article on the sunny fall that we’ve had so far in the North, you write about rainy one. It’s usually the other way round… Can’t wait to read your post on the DIY!

    • amoremiobello says:

      Always bad weather in this season around here ( well, we arrived only last year but it was exactly the same!). I can’t really complain for the rest of the year in the south…and i was complaining a lot when i was in antwerp 😉

  2. annie says:

    Très belles photos d’automne sur Marseille,ca change des photos de soleil !
    Elle est sérieuse la bambola !
    j’aime bien la dernière photo
    bonne semaine

  3. barbara says:

    seems that we had the same weekend: rain, rain and rain! the difference is that here (north-east of Italy) it’s still raining!! Love your pics!!

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