Morning at the beach in Marseille.

This morning, it was morning at the beach. I love it during this time of the year, the sun was there and it was not too cold. Perfect! Until now, i never liked to go to the beach with bambolotta. First of all, she was too little and during the summer, in Marseille, it is REALLY hot and the beaches are crowded with people. Second, they are kinda dirty…(we are still in a big city…). And third, bambolotta loved eating sand…so yummy!

These days, the beaches are empty or almost. And she is bigger. (well, she still loves eating sand and stones…i have to jump to take it out of her mouth!). We enjoyed the biggest beach until she wanted to run in the sea…..we moved then to another tiny creek where a little boy the same age as bambolotta and her granny were playing. They played together with the other baby’s toys and the morning was already gone…

And you, do you like beaches at this time of year?

(photos taken with my phone)

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