DIY Chair makeover : from dirty to classy

My neighbour is from Tibet and she just arrived in Marseille. She needs everything in her house but still on a budget. I helped her to find stores where you can find cheap second-hand furnitures. It’s amazing how a simple chair can change with a bit of painting and new fabric.

Remove the seats and make sure you cover with tape the parts that don’t need to be painted. Sand your chair to have a smooth surface!

Cover with the fabric of your choice the seats using a stapler. We already used this kind of stapler to place a painting on a wooden frame but it was a first for a chair. It is really a piece of cake! Just make sure the fabric is tight around the seat. I like the fun green flowery fabric my friend chose (vintage spirit!)

Paint a first time with the primer. Let dry. Paint with the color of your choice. Let dry. Paint another time. let dry. The longer here is to wait for the paint to dry between each layer.

Et voilà a beautiful new chair!

Budget : 2,5€ the chair (Emmaüs) + 5€ white paint + leftover primer + fabric (already at home) = 7,5€ the chair

Do you like it? If you already painted a piece of furniture, leave the link in the comments. I love the “Before / After”.


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