My Christmas (table) deco


This year, we don’t decorate a tree but we had to have our Christmas deco somewhere in the house to get the spirit of Christmas. No tree because as i said in a previous post, we have no space to put one and we KNOW that bambolotta would play with it and we don’t want a big mess of broken ornaments all over the place (it’s a mess and most of all, it is dangerous for little one). The past years i don’t even remember decorating the house apart from one garland here or there…as we don’t usually spend the actual Christmas days at home, we didn’t bother…but now we are a little family, Christmas has a bit more meaning! So, i made a bit of effort and here is what i came up with! I love my Christmas table decoration. I am kinda proud of myself!! 😉 never thought it would be so lovely. And the good part is that i didn’t buy anything (ah yes, i bought candles) but the rest was ornaments from the previous years (thanks Ikea!) and a bit of nature found from past week-ends in Provence. Next on my deco list to do is the fireplace mantel!

IMG_7701 IMG_7714 IMG_7719  IMG_7736 IMG_7763



6 thoughts on “My Christmas (table) deco

  1. annie says:

    On est dans le rouge, c’est très joli, ca vaut un sapin, ca me fait penser qu’il va falloir que j’aille derrière chez moi pour chercher des pommes de pin !
    Bisous, bonne journée

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