a few portraits i took of bambolotta. a few only because i take so many photos of her! Photographing babies or kids is so beautiful. I love their natural expression that we definitely lose when we grow up…(at least, when we have a camera facing us!). It is not always easy to capture her not doing a funny face. When she sees the camera, she doesn’t pose, she screams “babyyyyy” because she wants to see the baby on the digital screen…(the baby being her of course!). Little by little, she seems to accept the camera a bit more!


6 thoughts on “Portraits.

  1. Ljubi says:

    Oh, la bouille! J’adore!
    On avait la même blague avec Poupoule. A une époque, il était quasiment impossible de la prendre en photo, à part à son insu, ce qui était pour moi assez frustrant (comme tu peux l’imaginer). Depuis, elle a reçu un appareil-photo pour enfant à son annif et elle me laisse relativement la paix 😉

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