Her first words as a bilingual baby.

Youpi!! Bambolotta is starting with her first words. Well, she already started a couple of months ago but now, it’s getting clearer everyday! i really love this period. it is so much fun to see the evolution and trying to guess what she is saying! It is completely naturally that we decided to speak our mother-tongue, me speaking to her in French and her daddy speaking to her in Italian. She understands perfectly when i speak to her in French and she also understands her daddy when he speaks in Italian. It’s amazing how simple it is for her. But for now, she seems to try to say only words in French, which is normal to me since she spends the whole day with me and we live in a French environment. Here is a list of the few words she’s saying!

– “mamma” and “papa” were her first words. now, she’s starting to say mamma more the french way ie “maman”, which is funny because she’s insisting on the second syllable.

-“mamé” and “papé” : her grand-parents! one day, we were in the car on the way back home. She kept saying those 2 words as if she was practising with different sounds. Too funny!

– “gatô” : it means cake in french. Of course, bambolotta has her priorities!! food is one of them. But gatô seems to mean food in general for her. she can say that for a biscuit, bread or fruit. as she knows i have always something in my bag when we go out for walks, she always looks at my bag saying “gatôoooo”…

– “téti” : “tétine” in french = pacifier. she knows the pacifier is only used when she goes to bed. But when she sees one, she could jump on it!

– “nino” : the name of one of her favourite books!

-“oui-oui”: another book and a cartoon…when she sees the computer she screams this word to watch 1 episode…she’s starting to enjoy toooo much watching stuffs on the computer…i have to be vigilant!

-“nonna“: her italian granny (maybe after the Christmas holidays in Italy she will say it more clearly)

-“caca”…which sounded still yesterday like “tata” and means pooh!.

-“papo” meaning chapeau = hat. this one is pretty new from today!

all a lot of other stuffs we really don’t understand……

I wonder what words she will say soon in italian. Apart from Nonna, which is more a first name for her, what will she say?

What were the first words of your kids? Do you have an experience of bilingual child?



8 thoughts on “Her first words as a bilingual baby.

  1. barbara says:

    your bambolotta is so lucky to grow up as bilingua!! we’re trying to do the same with zoeti so we read only english books to her and we repeat colours and body part in english, but unfortunately is not our mother language and sometimes is very hard! there’s a very nice web site for bilingual family called bilingue per gioco. It’s in italian but i’m sure you can read it and there’s great tips about books or phone app!

  2. Ljubi says:

    How cute! Bambolotta speaking reminds me of Thaïs one year ago…she’s also raised in 2 languages: Dutch with daddy and French with Mummy. She goes to a dutch speaking Kinderdagverblijf (creche) but will go to a french speaking school, hopefully with a dutch immersion program. Her first words were in French too. The very first one was “chat” (cat). We indeed had a cat before we discovered that daddy had a severe allergy… And Thaïs spent her first 6 months home with Maman (she so insisted on the “an” too that it almost sounded like “mon”) and Lilly le chat!

    • amoremiobello says:

      Bambolotta cannot pronounce the sound “ch” yet.
      And she said her first word in italian…though it was hard to understand at first : “bacio” (kiss) but she says it like “bato”!!
      It would have been funny if we would have stayed in Antwerpen to see her speaking also dutch…!!

  3. Sixtine and The Little Things says:

    Sixtine says: “papa”, “mama”,”ta” for “tiens”, da” for “donne”, “you” for “thank you”, “all done”, “teti” for “tetine”, “bye” and “Hi” and a few other things I don’t get. She has been on a learning frenzy recently but Daddy has been away for two months so the French is taking over – I usually only speak French to her but decided to use both until Daddy is back.
    J’aime beaucoup la collection “imagier”. Il me semble qu’ils le font en francais-anglais. Je devrais peut-etre l’acheter…Le probleme c’est qu’elle les adore et je lui laisse en libre service mais elle les devore dans les sens du terme.

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