Today is the day we ate panettone for the first time of the year (before we have the famous buccellati della nonna during the holidays)! yummy!! I made Luigi very happy because i found the brand Motta (famous in Italy) in the shops here.

The panettone is an Italian bun just fantastic, rich in butter, and further enriched with egg yolks, raisins and candied fruits, perfumed with vanilla, liqueur and orange blossom. Originally from Lombardy, it is an integral part of  the  Christmas traditions.  According to legend, the panettone was born at the court of Duke Ludovico Sforza il Moro in Milan at the end of the fifteenth century. The pastry chef who burned his sweet breads, served one prepared by an apprentice named Toni. The whole court worshiped the dessert and when the Duke inquired of the recipe, the cheers rang out: “viva il pane de Toni!” The deformation of these words gave the name of panettone: “pane-Toni”.


3 thoughts on “Panettone.

  1. Ljubi says:

    Ahah, le fameux Panettone…que je n’ai jamais su apprécier, malgré mes origines, honte à moi, je sais, je préfère les amaretti, dans un autre genre 😉

    • amoremiobello says:

      ahah! you can show off your knowledge at Christmas this year! 😉 and i also know pandoro and i love even more pandoro but Luigi decided to go for the panettone…when this one is finished, we go for the pandoro!!

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