An escapade to the other south of France.

Last Sunday, Bambolotta and I drove to the other south of France where live Papé and Mamé. The other south is the south-west, 3 hours drive from Marseille in a little town called Le Barcarès, near Perpignan. Daddy had to work in italy and wasn’t able to join us. We enjoyed a lovely weather. Believe it or not : it hit 20°C in my car one afternoon!!! Bambolotta was not too difficult for our first ride the two of us more than 1 hour in a car. We discovered the little Christmas market of Le Barcarès, which is not so little and very fun for kids!

Mamé has made some cute Christmas decoration (as usual!). Look at this cute pom-pom wreath at the front door! They received a present from the town hall (lucky +60 people!! 😉 And I discovered for the first time the “gâteau à la broche” : a cake baked the same way as gyros for kebabs!

We went back to the Christmas market in the evening to see all the puppets in action under the lights. Bambolotta was dancing on the loud music from the fair! (dancing for her is bending her knees…very funny!)

We are back home today. only a few days before we leave again this time for Italy…


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