First snow in Timau & Christmas eve in Paluzza

After our arrival in Paluzza, the next day,  we decided to go to Timau, the small village where Bambolotta’s daddy grew up! it is a few minutes car drive from Paluzza. And we enjoyed a sled ride on the little mountain here. After so much effort, we took coffees for the boys and beers for the girls (!!) in the bar chalet-style next to the ski track. Back to Paluzza, it was already dark but it gets dark so early in winter. Time for the last shopping before the Christmas eve dinner. A quick skype to the family in France and we toasted with prosecco and opened our presents! in the meantime, bambolotta was so hungry, she decided to eat by herself and since then, she eats without turning the spoon and dropping everything on the floor or on herself! amazing!! The dinner was all specialities from Friuli (normally they have it for New year’s eve). A change to the normal “foie gras-smoked salmon-oysters” i am used to in my family in France!



5 thoughts on “First snow in Timau & Christmas eve in Paluzza

  1. lucile says:

    magnifique ! on peut sentir la chaleur de l’atmosphère d’une soirée familiale.. merci de nous faire partager ça.

  2. barbara says:

    mmm… cotechino… prosecco and pandoro!! gnam gnam!! and the first time on the snow must be fun! zoeti is always sick so not snow riding for now.. 😦

    • amoremiobello says:

      cotechino! that’s the name i was looking for…! i couldn’t remember how it was called! 😉 thanks! hoping your little zoeti will be soon better!

  3. Ljubi says:

    Well, Bambolotta seems to like the snow… Love the pic with the turkey, the animal is literally twice bigger than her and yet she looks at it with gluttony in the eyes 😉

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