In the italian kitchens

I am still sorting out my photos of our holidays in Italy. Today, i wanted to share some dishes i tasted while i was up there in Friuli.

We had the cotechino at Christmas eve dinner but it is normally the first dish of the year you should eat! It is like a big sausage and served with lentils and cabbage. They love cabbage in the North!

The frico is another speciality of Friuli : potatoes, onions and cheese! yummy!

The cjarsons (sounds not at all italian!) are sort of ravioli stuffed with potatoes, cinnamon, raisins and herbs. Sweet and sour taste. Every family has its special or secret ingredient! We tasted the ones of Luca’s mum and they were delicious!

And, of course, we received our annual batch of bucellatti, made by Nonna Anna (i was talking about them already here!). Those are typical Christmas biscuits from Sicilia. Anna also made us pignoccata with honey (i have to admit i have no clue how she made them!).

Anna cooked also panelle made of chickpea flour. I love those! Anna cooked a lot during those days (very lazy for me!!) and of course, she also made pasta! You cannot go to Italia without eating pasta at least once or twice or more a week! i know one little one very happy over there!


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