My project 52


leaf on tree

water drop

Looking around on blogs, i see there are a lot of projects 365 or 52 taking place. Well, i know it is already week 3…and i lost already those 3 weeks not doing anything. But better start now than never!! A lot of those projects i saw are focused on taking photos of their kids (at least, the blogs i read!). I already take a lot of photos of bambolotta and this is not really a challenge to me…i would like my photography skills to evolve a bit. I haven’t completely decided on what subject i want my project to be on…i’m giving myself one more week to completely decide what i will do. A color theme would interest me a lot!…for now, i leave you with those pics i like of water drops and trees i took during our christmas holidays.

Any of you taking part of a Project 52 challenge?  any ideas for me?


3 thoughts on “My project 52

  1. barbara says:

    i’m pretty curious too!! the colour theme seems very interesting… i’m joining the 52 project of jody’s blog (che and fidel).. i take a lot of pictures of zoeti as well but sometimes weeks pass by and i don’t take any picture of her… plus i’m going to add a … new entry in my project in a couple of weeks and that’s the main reason why i’m getting along with that!

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