My project 52 {rainbow & geometry}


Project 52 – week 4

Here we go. My project 52 will be about colors and shapes! Nothing much to explain : one color, or 2 or lots of colors and some shapes! And i also have to choose only one photo for the project…that’s always a tough decision for me!

Anyone wants to join? Please put your link to your project in the comments!





8 thoughts on “My project 52 {rainbow & geometry}

    • amoremiobello says:

      ahah! mais tu seras sûrement une des seules! 😉 même si c’est pas le but de reconnaître ce qui se cache derrière cette photo!

  1. Ljubi says:

    Would be a pleasure of course to join! But I need to think about sth original and that is me at the same time. Like you, I take pix of Thaïs everyday so…

  2. barbara says:

    great idea! my 52 project is going to change a little bit from this week on… there will be a portrait of my daughter and of my… growing tummy! i’ll follow yours from your blog! BTW great pic!

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