5 tips for a girly week-end in Switzerland

1- Find a super nice place to stay! And when it is one of your best friend’s friend apartment, it’s even nicer!



2 – Visit THE city : Gruyère! i am not sure i knew there was a town with that name before going…it is a cute little village with cobbled streets and mountains in the background.





3- take your gear to go skiing or when your don’t have much skiing equipment, just take good trekking shoes and walk in the snowy mountains!





4- Finish the day at the ” bains de la Gruyère“. Sorry, i have no photo of this, we were too busy enjoying the hot swimming pools, the hammam and the water jets (perfect to massage cellulite…!). The best of it : the hot swimming pool open-air…your body is so warm while your nose is starting freezing! I would do it every week if i lived there!

5- Eat cheese in all of its forms…tartiflette on friday evening and fondue suisse on saturday evening (super light dinners 😉 but so yummy). And after dinner, go dancing (but not all night because we’re getting old…!)




When and where will our next girly week-end??


4 thoughts on “5 tips for a girly week-end in Switzerland

    • amoremiobello says:

      😉 j’avoue…il y avait quand même quelques personnes mais la photo a été prise à un moment particulièrement vide…!!

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